Monday, December 17, 2007


Just when I start to feel that there IS a slight but possible chance that humanity is not as big of a crock of shit that I think it is, I find out that there is such thing as Celebrity Psychics and Pet Psychics. It was bad enough to watch that scammer John Edwards pull information out of his slimy scamming ass, but now there is a slew of "psychics" that have various specifications, like pets, celebrities, household objects, food, etc. I dont think there will be salvation for humanity, and there shouldn't be one in a first place.


house of a thousand infidels said...

if there is no salvation for humanity, then we are doomed. we might as well live in fields like cattle.

pat said...

My dog can read my mind.

Rodan said...

These people are just snake oil salesmen.
The World has been predicted to ens, since humanity started!

Bunk Strutts said...

If it's not the heat, it's the humanity.

Will Conway said...

hey... its regarding liberty from the lounge

Will Conway said...

love the blog

Bunk said...

Got suckerpunched last night. Please pass this onto other Lizards in the lounge; all in fun. --Bunk
On Christmas Night, after I cleaned up the kitchen from Margie's excellent dinner (it's my job, I got busboy genes) I sat down in front of the computer, checked email, tackyraccoons, and a coupla other websites on my favorites list, including "Little Green Footballs." LGF is primarily famous for providing the documentation that proved that Mike Wallace's letter about G. Bush's military record was a forgery. I've followed LGF ever since.

When I clicked on LGF that night, I found that the coveted rare registration door was open, and I thought I'd check it out. Logged in as "Bunk" and had some fun with it for the next several days, especially the "Lizard Lounge." There are some very clever funny folks there; got to chat with AllahPundit, Zombie, and some other notable wits and regular posters. I was impressed.

Then last night I logged on and jumped to this early thread:

My comment, # 123, responded to #122 by "macintush", and the fireworks began... After only eight minutes, I was labeled a troll, a neonazi, and an arab, later as an anti-semite, all for mentioning the USS Liberty Incident. And it got worse. For that factual innocuous comment, I was eventually blocked by none other than Charles Johnson himself! I was stunned.

Might be an interesting read, starting at 122, although you gotta keep reading and scrolling a bit. I stand by my words. If you happen to sign up with LGF, please tell the Lizard Army ( including GrumpyOldMan, Leepro, RawMuse, Zombie, Allah, Rodan, and especially JoeCitizen) that Bunk says "Hi," and that Charles alienated a good ally in the good fight.

Several other veteran Lizards reiterated my points and defended me after the fact, and I don't really give a shit one way or another. I was amazed at how fast I was shouted down when I wasn't even trying to stir up trouble by mentioning an historic event.

Anonymous said...

Bunk I believe Realwest backed you up the first time you were labeled a Troll and they gave you a break. You turned out to be like Chen and now look at him, he's gone completely LLL: