Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Highway

The highway was singing him its song, lulling him to sleep with its hum, and making his eyelids lead-heavy. It was getting increasingly hard to withstand the Sandman's hand, but he had to be realistic about it, since with years of experience he knew what can happen if you close your eyes just for one moment. That moment usually grew into two moments, and before you know it, you were passed out behind the wheel, heading straight into the mouth of madness. Plus, he had his treasure in a trunk of his truck, something that couldn't wait. And that fueled his desire to get to the destination as soon as possible, even if it meant fighting Sandman face to face. He also knew that he had to be as careful as possible, as not to get pulled over by the patrol, since he doubted that they would understand the beauty of what was in his truck. But, the time was running out, and he couldn't let his trophies spoil in the trunk.

He kept himself awake by thinking of what he was going to do with all that goodness that he has acquired with such skill and physical labor and that was now awaiting a magic touch of his skilled hand. It was a big catch, much larger than all others, and it was definitely worth the risks and time involved. It was a hard task to do, and required lots of patience and manual labor, since the bodies were quite hefty, but he was a master at what he did, so it was all a matter of time. A matter of time before he could lay his large hands on the trophies he had so diligently stashed away.

Thoughts of putting his hands on that young, unspoiled flesh made them tremble with anticipation, and he could only dream of all the things he was about to do in a short time. The soft virginal skin, tender meat, sweet tasting much thought innocence that he could clearly taste in his mouth. The veil of sleep was slowly being removed from his face at those stimulating thoughts. He knew he couldn't get caught.

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